We have so far registered 65,614 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
George Ferries SaumureJanuary 14, 1915
John SaundersDecember 22, 1912Born in Toronto.
Cecil SavaryFebruary 5, 1923Lived in Digby, Nova Scotia.
Spurgeon SavaryAugust 8, 1917Lived in Bear River, Digbu Co. N. S. Canada.
William Van SchaikSeptember 4, 1925Lived in 9 Broockfield Ave.
William George SchellMarch 2, 1926Born in Ontario
Melleville ScholtzJune 23, 1902Born in Owen Sound.
Charles B. SchultzApril 8, 1925Born in Strafford.
Crester ScottMay 4, 1924Born in Guisboro.
Howard ScottApril 14, 1925Born in Vancouver.
John ScottOctober 16, 1916Born in Windsor.
John ScottMay 5, 1928Born in Toronto.
John ScottNovember 17, 1917Born in Halifax.
John H. ScottNovember 7, 1921Born in London (Ottawa).
Richard ScottJuly 15, 1924Lived in 611 Sydemham Ave. Westmount, Quebec.
William ScottOctober 29, 1925Born in Winnepeg.
Gordon Edward ScriverJuly 20, 1927Born in Petersboro.
William ScullonMay 19, 1923Born in Verdun.
Fred SearthSeptember 23, 1909Born in Breslau, Ontario.
Wilfred SeedOctober 12, 1926Born in Montreal.
Albert Clifford SegriffDecember 4, 1927Lived in 1405 Woodbine Ave. Toronto Frida Pilling.
David SempleMarch 28, 1920Born in Westwille.
Albert SenierJanuary 31, 1922Born in Memrancook.
William S. SerroulApril 22, 1917
Herbert R. SeymourFebruary 7, 1894Born in St. John