We have so far registered 66,188 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Chow Shun YungLived in Shanghai
Ho Fu Yung
Hui YungDecember 28, 1898Born in Canton
Nee Ching YungLived in Shanghai
Wong Ting Yung
Ze Ding YungBorn in Kwantung
Lee Yun1907Born in Canton
Sing Yun
Yu Chuang YunJuly 13, 1916Born in Chekiang
Zing Yuen Yuo
Pae Kan YuMarch 13, 1913
Sung Chen Yu
W. Shui YuBorn in Ningpo
Yim Yu
Yu Zu YuBorn in Ningpo
Cheng Hsian ZaiLived in Ningpo
Ah Yoh ZeeLived in Shanghai
Hai Foo Zee1914Born in Shanghai
Hsing Fah ZeeBorn in Shantung
Pao Kai ZiangJanuary 25, 1920Lived in Ningpo
Fu Yung ZieLived in Shanghai
Ding Yung Zio
C. Ah ZiungBorn in Ningpo
Wong Zui1913Born in Shanghai
Ing Ven ZungLived in Shanghai