We have so far registered 65,747 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Jack CanningMarch 26, 1922Born in Scotland
James CannMarch 24, 1905Born in Chittelhampton, U.K.
Leonard George CannNovember 14, 1925Born in Liverpool
Francis CannonApril 27, 1924Lived in Aspinollstr. 25, Liverpool
John H. CannonApril 2, 1922Born in London, U.K.
Robert CannonAugust 6, 1921Lived in 16 Stow Street, Glasgow, Scotland
CannootJanuary 8, 1916Born in Biysingen
Daniel Lopez CanoJuly 11, 1915Born in Santander, Spania
Felix B. CanoApril 22, 1922Born in Callao City, Peru
Thomas CanoDecember 14, 1919Born in Belize
Alan CansdaleApril 21, 1926Born in Toronto, Canada
Alexander CantFebruary 2, 1904Born in Edinburgh, Scotland
Victor CantanoSeptember 23, 1924Born in Gibraltar
Robert CanteauJune 10, 1910Born in Paris, Frankrike
Albert Wilhelm CanterJune 20, 1906Born in Duisburg
Walter CanterNovember 24, 1908Born in Essen
Enda J. CantillonDecember 13, 1919Born in Llimerick, irland
Donald CantonFebruary 19, 1925Born in Bermuda
Thomas Cantrell
Marcel Canture (Conture, Couture)May 29, 1921Born in Montreal
Phillip W. CantyDecember 10, 1912Lived in 5 Hastings Rd., Umbilo, Durban, S.Africa
Joseph Canul (Connell)April 27, 1923Born in Newcastle
Joao CanutoOctober 1, 1913Born in Brazil
Anthony CapaldiJune 30, 1924Born in Bristol, U.K.
Carlo CapaldiJune 5, 1924Born in Bristol