We have so far registered 65,623 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kwei Kong ChinNovember 10, 1907Born in Hong Kong
Lee Ah Chin1914Born in Swatow
Lee Ning ChinAugust 1, 1899Born in Canton
Foo Chee Chin(n)May 16, 1916Born in Canton
Sex Chun ChinDecember 21, 1914Born in Kwangtung
Tsin Wah Chin
Tung Chin
Wong Chin Chin
Youn Chin
Chai Ah ChiongBorn in Foochow
Lim Kheng ChipBorn in Swatow
Chan Chung ChitMay 1, 1924Born in Swatow
Liu Ay ChiuMay 14, 1921Born in Taku
Tan Hai ChiuBorn in Swatow
Lu Chong Choa1913Born in Kwantung
Lue Cheng Choan1913Born in Kwantung
Chai Hai Cho1911Lived in Swatow
Cheng Ka ChoeBorn in Ningpo
Goh Na Choh1905Born in Hainan
Ho Cho1899
He Liang ChoiSeptember 17, 1904Born in Hainan
Leung Choi
Wang Choi1924Born in Swatow
Wong Ah Choi1906Born in Swatow
Ah Soy Chong