We have so far registered 68,113 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Theodor JacobsenJune 7, 1909Born in Arendal
Thomas Alfred JacobsenAugust 8, 1909Born in Haugesund
Thomas Dagfinn JacobsenApril 3, 1915Born in Risør
Thor JacobsenOctober 26, 1921Born in Ullensaker
Thoralf Emil JacobsenApril 21, 1903Lived in Trondheim
Thorbjørn JacobsenJanuary 26, 1917Born in Nøtterøy
Thorbjørn JacobsenJanuary 26, 1911Lived in Fjellbu, Hystadv. Sandefjord
Thorbjørn JacobsenFebruary 27, 1916Born in Oslo
Thorbjørn Wines JacobsenJune 30, 1908Born in Bergen
Thorleif JacobsenJuly 7, 1893Born in Sande
Thormod JacobsenOctober 23, 1898Born in Oslo
Thorolf JacobsenApril 16, 1915Born in Son
Andreas Martin Jacobsen (tidl. Martinsen)December 7, 1886Born in Rygge
Tor JacobsenOctober 26, 1899Born in Skudenes
Torleif Hilberg JacobsenJune 23, 1888Born in Trondenes
Torstein Wilfred JacobsenSeptember 6, 1922Born in Hvaler
Trygve JacobsenMay 25, 1921Born in Normannsby
Trygve JacobsenFebruary 26, 1914
Trygve JacobsenMay 13, 1921Born in Tjølling
Trygve JacobsenMarch 18, 1912Born in Langesund
Trygve Bernhard JacobsenMarch 17, 1893Born in Åanensira
Trygve Ludvig JacobsenSeptember 19, 1898Born in Glemmen
Wilhelm JacobsenOctober 31, 1888Born in Oslo
Wilhelm Werner JacobsenMarch 16, 1908Born in Tønsberg
William JacobsenJuly 15, 1891Lived in Oslo