We have so far registered 58,171 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ray D. GravesFebruary 24, 1929Born in Texas, USA
Leonard GreeneOctober 9, 1914Born in Boston, MA, USA
Vincent GregorieMarch 19, 1916Born in U.S.A.
Carl GreyAugust 20, 1925Born in New York, USA.
Gerald GreyJanuary 14, 1923Born in New York, USA
Charles GriffithFebruary 17, 1915Born in St. Charles, Michigan, USA.
Beatrice GulliverJuly 10, 1901Born in USA
Louis HaillidayJune 6, 1928Born in Midland, USA
Esther HainesMay 23, 1921Born in Danville
Joe HallLived in Redondo Beach, California, USA
Kenneth HaltemanNovember 12, 1928Born in Coolidge, USA
Alfred HalvorsenMay 25, 1906Born in Stavanger, Norge
Johan HalvorsenFebruary 2, 1900Born in Dakota, USA
Harry Earl HamiltonMay 21, 1914Born in Washington, USA
Mary HaniskoOctober 14, 1918Born in Ohio
Clenton HannonFebruary 2, 1927Born in Whatley, Mobile, USA
Arthur HansenSeptember 18, 1917Born in Long Island, USA
Jack HansenJuly 21, 1922Born in Palisade, New Jersey, USA
Ivan Hanson
Håkon HaraldsenMay 12, 1918Born in Hidra
Ralph HardyOctober 19, 1921Born in Emt Holly, California, USA
Thomas J. HareDecember 10, 1910Born in Overbrook, USA
William HareJuly 10, 1926Born in Ontario, Canada
Delbert HarrisDecember 28, 1923Born in Oakland, USA
Gharles E. HarrisJuly 17, 1919Born in Padurah, USA