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Belongs to nationality

NameBuild yearNationalityBildeLoss during WW2
D/T California1921USA flaggUSA
D/S Calvin Coolidge1943USA flaggUSA
M/S Cambridge1928USA flaggUSA
T/S Campfire1919USA flaggUSA
T/S Canada Victory1944USA flaggUSAAttacked from air, 1945-4-27
M/S Cape Igvak1943USA flaggUSA
M/S Cape Juby1944USA flaggUSA
T/S Cape Mohican1942USA flaggUSA
T/S Capital Victory1945USA flaggUSA
D/S Caribstar1919USA flaggUSA
T/T Carlsbad1945USA flaggUSA
D/S Carolinian1921USA flaggUSA
D/S Carrillo1911USA flaggUSA
D/S Casimir Pulaski1943USA flaggUSA
D/S Casper S. Yost1943USA flaggUSA
T/S Castana1919USA flaggUSA
D/S Cecil G. Sellers1944USA flaggUSA
D/S Cecil N. Bean1944USA flaggUSA
T/T Cerro Gordo1943USA flaggUSA
D/S Charles A. Dana1943USA flaggUSA
D/S Charles Bulfinch1943USA flaggUSA
D/S Charles F. Amidon1943USA flaggUSA
D/S Charles Hull1944USA flaggUSA
D/S Charles H. Windham1943USA flaggUSA
D/S Charles J. Finger1944USA flaggUSA