Sjøforklaring 1939 - 1945

Informasjonen nedenfor vedr. skip i Nortraships flåte er direkte avskrift av orginalkilden "Sjøforklaringer fra andre verdenskrig (1940 - 1945)". Informasjonen her er fra sjøforklaringer holdt under og rett etter krigen og kan derfor avvike noe fra den øvrige kvalitetssikrede informasjonen i Krigsseilerregisteret.

11. mai 1941
Wakamatsu, Japan
Beslaglagt av japanske myndigheter
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    14. mai 1941
    Konsul T. B. Gansmoe


    Appeared Master Mariner K. Einarsen who stated that he was the master of the s/s "Sheng Hwa" ... The crew had been partly signed off and now consisted of 25 men. The vessel had been lying at Wakamatsu since the 11th November 1940 and was in completely seaworthy condition. The appearer produced the vessel's log book and ean extract from same in so far as the happenings which occurred were concerned. ...


    Te extract was compared with the ship's log book and was found, in all essentials, to be in agreement with same.

    The captain referred to what had been entered in the log extract and further stated that on the 28th November 1940 the vessel received orders from Nortraship to proceed to Hong Kong, but the Customs at Wakamatsu refused outward clearance. At the end of March 1941 there was talk about the Japanese wanting to put a Japanese captain and officers on board and to take over the vessel, but as the captain had heard nothing about this from the owners he refused to leave the ship and on the 1st April handed in a written protest to Miyachi Kisen Kaisha. Nothing further was heard about the handing over of the vessel, but on the 10th May 1941 he was informed by Miyachi's representative, Mr. Konoshi, that Japanese Certificate of Nationality had been issued and that the ship would be taken over by the Japanese Authorities. After having perused the new Japanese Certificate of Nationality the Wakamatsu Harbour Police informed the captain that he had to leave the vessel latest by 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the 11th May. At 17 o'clock oon the 10th May representatives of Miyachi, accompanied by the Harbour Police, came on board and gave orders to lower the Norewegian flag and to hoist the Japanese. This was done immediately afterwards. The captain and officers were thereafter ordered, under threat of arrest, to leave the ship latest by 15 o'clock on the 11th May, which was done.

    On being questioned by the President, the captain replied that at no time had he refused to proceed out with the ship, he did not know the reason for the long stay at Wakamatsu, nor the cause of the Japanese Authorities taking over the vessel as he had received no information about this from the owners. The captain therefore considers the taking over of the vessel by the Japanese Authorities as illegal.


    The 1st witness, chief officer Snekkestad, who stated that he kept the log book and had written the produced log extract.

    The witness further stated that Japanese officers, - captain, chief officer, 2nd officer and some engineers came on board during the forenoon of the 10th May and stated that they had been appointed to take over the vessel. After inspection of the vessel, the Norwegian flag was lowered at 17 o'clock in the presence of officers from the Harbour Police and representatives of Miyachi Kisen Kaisha Ltd., and the Japanese flag was thereafter immediately hoisted. The act was carried out by the new Japanese crew under orders of the Japanese officers. The witness was given instructions that he must have left the ship by 15 o'clock on the 11th May.

    On being questioned by the President, the witness replied that he does not know the reason why the vessel remained lying so long at Wakamatsu, nor the cause of the ship being taken over by the Japanes Authorities.


    Appeared the 2nd witness, Engineer Hansen, who stated that the captain came on board on Saturday afternoon and informed them that the officers must have moved ashore by 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. No notice terminating engagement was given, nor has any since been received. The witness was together with the captain and the chief officer on the poop when the change of flag took place at about 5.15 in the afternoon of the 10/5. The Norwegian flag was lowered and the Japanese hoisted by a Japanese of the new crew.

    Three Japenese engineers had come on board on Saturday afternoon at 15.30 o'clock and the witness had the impression that they were to take over the positions as engineers.

    The witness does not know the reason for the long stay at Wakamatsu as everything was in order, at all times, to proceed out with the ship.