Jon Veiberg

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31. mai 1919


12. januar 2007


Karl og Nora Engelsen






Norge flaggNorge




Krenkjesflot, Odda

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1. TelegrafistMessegutt / Jungmann

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  • Deltok i 2. verdenskrig
  • Ex gratia-arkivet:

    Registernumber in World War 2: London 18612, NY 29898.

    I Londonkortet oppført med navnet John Engelsen Weiberg.

    18. June 1941 - 16. November 1942: In different prison camps in French Morocco - Algiers.

    16. November 1942 - 1. January 1943: Ordered to work at an American airport - Port Lyautey.

    1. January 1943 - 26. January 1943: sailed with British M/S ORMOND from Oran to Glasgow.

    23. March 1943 - 15. November 1943: Wireless operator school, Atkins Road, London.

    7. February 1944 - 27. March 1944: Wireless operator pool.

    Private archive:

    From chapter 20 of "Jon's Odyssey": "I obtained my legal entry papers in November of 1946 from the American Consulate at Aruba, Dutch West Indies. My Uncle Kris and his wife, aunt Julia, were my sponsors. I thus had obtained legal residence in the U.S. It seemed that my last step had been taken to sever relations with my former homeland. [...] In April of -47 the entire crew (Veiberg included) of the Peter Hurll was discharged at New York, the ship was to change flag. I was able to move in with my Uncle’s family and attend the Institute class just starting. [...] Early in 1955 I obtained a position with IBM and moved to upstate New York, first to Poughkeepsie, then to Kingston. [...] After my baptism into the space program with the launch of the Apollo 5 vehicle it was necessary for us four IBM safety engineers to attend school to become thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the launch system. Secret clearance was necessary. My secret clearance was transferred from Kingston, N.Y. where I worked on the Air Force Sage computer system at, 1955 to 1967. [...] The IBM Club, an in-house club arranging affairs for employees, arranged a charter tour to Frankfurt, Germany, in August of -71. I flew with the tour and continued to Norway for my first visit since 1939."

    Date and place of death: 12. January 2007, Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, USA.



    Privat arkiv avgitt til Stiftelsen Arkivet

    "Jon's Odyssey", dated February 1996:
    A complete PDF of the book (memoirs) is available in "documents" in the profile.