Thor Haugen

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22. juni 1905




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Relasjon til fylke



Sjøforklaring 1939 - 1945


  • Deltok i 2. verdenskrig
  • Shetlandsgjengen. Heltene i Nordsjøen, s. 398:
    Innlemmet i Shetlandsgjengen: 22.2.1943, nr. c128.
    Antall turer: -
    Overført annen virksomhet: 4.10.1943.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/675/7:

    "Upon receiving news of the invasion of Norway, HAUGEN states that he immediately volunteered for service at the General Consulate in Sydney and was despatched aboard their m/s "TIRANNA" from Sydney on the 14.5.40. The ship was intercepted by a German surface raider about 600 miles northeast of Madagascar on the 10.6.40; all the passengers were taken aboard while "TIRANNA" was repaired, after which they were sent back and were being conducted by the raider to Bordeaux when the ship was torpedoed and HAUGEN together with the rest of the passengers and drew were taken to Royan on the 22.9.40. [...]

    After 10 days HAUGEN was transferred to a place of internment for officers where he remained until 14.12.40. when he was obliged to be repatriated and was sent direct overland to Oslo where he arrived on the 19.12.40."

    "HAUGEN boarded the "TERNEN" the same day, namely the 20.12.42. She departed for Rubbestadnes shortly after 11.00 hours. Upon arriving there he was met by STAVLAND who was not expecting him but was satisfied as to his bona fides as he had been assured of them by WAAGE and KJOS already in September. Haugen was conducted on a lorry to the house of a farmer fisherman called MELING where he spent the night in the company of [...] and a brother of the priest of Rubbestadnes. The houselies at the western point of the island where the "HERKULES" boat arrived. They rowed out to her at about 20.00 hours on the 22.12.42. and reached Scalloway at about 9.00 hours on the 24.12.42."


    «Shetlandsgjengen. Heltene i Nordsjøen», Asgeir Ueland, 2017.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/675/7