Konrad Gunvald Teige

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10. august 1920




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  • Deltok i 2. verdenskrig
  • The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/1450/4:

    "1940. Teige afterwards continued aboard the "Lun" until Norway was invaded on the 9th April, 1940. He stayed at home during the invasion as he had no military service, and worked on his father's farm until January 1941.

    1941. They then began to fish again and did so continuously until the autumn of 1942 when Teige, together with about twenty other fishermen from the Island, including Kornelius KVALSUND [...], hired a ships mate called Rudolf Rudi RØSTANE from Ørsta to coach them in navigation, and in December 1942 they went to the seamens' school in Aalesund where they passed their examination.

    1943, Jan. In January 1943 TEIGE sailed with the "Lun" to the Lofotens in company with two other local boats, namely the "Delfin" [...] and the 'Fram 111'. They fished there until April 1943 when they returned to Teige.

    1943 June. TEIGE then worked on his father's farm until June 1943 with the exception of a fortnight when he was aboard the 'Lun' while it was being repaired at the Hatle mechanical works at Ulsteinvik. [...]

    On the 4th June it was decided to make a fishing trip with the 'Lun' and TEIGE was asked by his father to skipper the boat. The rest of the crew consisted of Sigurd KVALSUND [...] who is TEIGE's uncle and who has fished with the boat since 1915, Kornelius KVALSUND [...] who is son of Sigurd, Kaspar TEIGE who is TEIGE's brother, Kaare KVALSVIK [...] who is TEIGE's cousin, and Joakim KVALSVIK who has sailed with the 'Lun' for the last ten years.

    The trip lasted les than a week as the skipper of a fishing boat now has to report to a fishing control office with his crew list every ten days to have it stamped. After this trip TEIGE was at home at Teige continuously until they left on the 19th July."

    Shetlandsgjengen. Heltene i Nordsjøen, s. 410:
    Innlemmet i Shetlandsgjengen: 30.1.1944, nr. c180.
    Antall turer: sesong 1943-44=8, sesong 1944-45=4.
    Overført annen virksomhet: 1.7.1945.


    «Shetlandsgjengen. Heltene i Nordsjøen», Asgeir Ueland, 2017.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/1450/4