M/B Anna (H 67 S)

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  • Deltok i 2. verdenskrig
  • Sivilt skip




  • Historikk:


    The vessel had been purchased from Harald Thuestad and Karluf Gudmundsen, and the voyage was organized by Josef Øvretveit and Laurits Telle, Tælavåg. Departed Tælavåg on Jan. 16-1942 and arrived Lerwick on the 19th.

    There were 14 people on board, among them were:
    Skipper Harald Thuestad, Haugesund, Karluf Gudmundsen, Olaf Hartmann Johnsen (died 2005), and Gustav Steimler. Harald Thuestad later lost his life when Brant County was sunk - follow the link for details.

    According to this Guestbook message, the following where on board Anna:
    Leif Alvoeen, Kaare Andersson, Georg Egeland (who was later killed when the Corvette Montbretia was sunk), Audun Eliasen, Bjarne Enga (the father of the poster of the Guestbook message; he served in the Norwegian army and returned to Norway after the war), Orluf Gundersen (might be identical to the Karluf Gudmundsen above?), Knut Iversen, Arne W. Helgesen, Olav Johnsen (probably identical to Olaf Hartmann Johnsen above), Einar Larsen, Arvid Mo, Gustav Steimler. The skipper's name is given as Harald Tuestad.