Maritime inquiry 1939 - 1945

The information below regarding ships in the Nortraship fleet is a direct transcript of the original source "Sjøforklaringer fra andre verdenskrig (1940 - 1945)". The informasjon is collected from maritime inquiries held during and right after the war. The information may differ from the other quality assured information in Krigsseilerregisteret.

June 13, 1941
Off Selsey Bill
Skadet i flyangrep 17.5.1941. Senket av mine 13.6.1941.
Shoreham - Southampton
Crew list
2 [2]
  • Abstract

    August 14, 1941
    Konsul J. Gregg

    Appeared Captain Herman Olai Johansen, ...

    The captain stated that on the first voyage the crew consisted of 16 including the master, and on the last mentioned voyage of 7 including the master and his wife.

    The captain produced a certified log extract in connection with the first mentioned casualty and stated that a similar certified log extract signed by himself and chief officer A. Pedersen had at once been handed in to the Vide Consulate at Shoreham. As a result of the mine explosion all the ship's papers and boats were lost in consequnce of which the captain produced a report ... prepared by him.


    The captain stated that chief officer Pedersen was standing in the wheel house and that he was struck on the temple, probably by pieces of the cement slabs on the bridge. He was unconscious the whole time. The nurse at the hospital stated however that he had once been conscious for a short while. ...

    The vessel had been wiped at Swansea on the 5th May. It is possible that the bombing had caused the vessel to become magnetic. It was not possible to get wiping done at Shoreham. The captain had spoken to the chief of the Naval Control at Shoreham about this.

    All prescribed lifesaving equipment was available during both voyages and in good order, although one lifeboat was defective on the last voyage (damaged by the bombing).

    As a result of the mine explosion the captain sustained an injury to a leg bone and was lying in hospital for 2 months.

    Carl Wilhelm Carlson, ... 2nd enigneer, received Injury to leg bone and had to be operated on. He is now at his home at Swansea.

    Chief engineer Harry Frantzen, ... had a bone in his back injured and is still in hospital.

    Fireman Waldemar Johansen, ... is at sea.

    Steward Arne Hansen, ... has later become ill and is at present lying in the Norwegian hospital.